Fix This in Kanata South... and invest in our future!

Welcome to Kanata South!

 Where no community events have apparently happened for years, nobody can afford a can of paint to fix up the sign, and the small garden underneath it has been swallowed by the forest. 

Unless you count the other side...

In which case you are being welcomed to the Land That Time Forgot!  It is amazing that after problems have festered for years and residents have complained to the current Councillor to no avail, suddenly they are being actioned a mere three months before the election (and after they appear on my website).  Vote for a change of Councillor and let's fix up our community together.   

Summitview Drive and Stonehaven Drive

This intersection is responsible for many accidents and close calls.  This intersection with no lights and not even a four-way stop or crosswalk is absolutely crazy at rush hour, because Summitview is the only way out for a vast area of homes.  There is absolutely no reason for this and I will fix it as one of my first actions if elected.  

Emerald Meadows / Romina / Eagleson

Why, oh why, has the City not put traffic lights, or even a crosswalk, at this usually very busy corner?  How are transit riders supposed to cross the road?  How are the retirement home residents supposed to access the park across the street? 

Crown Ridge and Hope Side Road

It's almost as if nobody has done any traffic planning at all in this vast area of townhomes.  Like the other two traffic pictures here, these images were taken at the slowest time of the day/year.   Oh, there are vague promises of improvements, but most of the houses have long been there, development charges and millions in property taxes paid.  For what?! Lack of even four-way stop signs, not to mention any recreation centre.    

Belleview Drive

The residents of Belleview and Vanstone were promised a final coat of asphalt once all the homes were built on their street.  25+ years later they are still waiting, and now the road surface is thin and cracking.  Where is the honesty in the planning process?  This needs to change. 


Lack of solutions...

This curve is one example of a problem that is too frequent in Kanata South... too much speeding on residential streets... our police officers are just as frustrated with the situation.  More caution signs aren't the answer.

... lack of traffic enforcement

Same curve.  How can a car end up on it's roof at 40 km/hr?  There isn't a single police officer dedicated full-time to traffic enforcement in Kanata South.  It is time to recognize that serious violent crime isn't very common in our area.  We need to reclaim some of our taxes for "quality of life" policing in our neighbourhoods. 

The City shouldn't look the other way...

This was sent in by a volunteer who reports it has sat like this for over a year.  

There used to be garbage cans...

A volunteer took pictures of garbage cans in the Hazeldean bus shelters last summer. there is just garbage

With no explanation the garbage cans were removed.  The result is more garbage in these highly-visible locations.  

Waste dumping

It seems more common that people are dropping their household waste in, or around, the few public trash cans.  Maybe it's time to look into better methods of enforcing the existing bylaws.


On-Street Parking Arguments

Partly due to the terrible public transit infrastructure in (particularly) the far south end of the riding, and residents ending up with more and more cars, neighbours battle neighbours for the few on-street parking spots - even before the winter comes.  Constant calls to Bylaw, and the paving over of front lawns cost us all in time and drainage infrastructure.  Nobody is happy.  Time to deal with the root of the problem and start demanding more honesty in the planning process and either improve public transit or create overflow parking spots on vacant land.    

We don't have the LRT...

... but we have so many of these haphazard bus stops.  Shouldn't we be investing in proper transit infrastructure?  We should have fewer photo ops for the politicians and more actual improvements.

Should we be grateful?

Why do so many of the few Kanata South public garbage cans looks so beat up and forgotten?  I guess we should be grateful they put some in ... in the 1980s.

Isn't it time for an upgrade?

How Many Years...

Does it take to get this pathway finished out to Eagleson Road?  30 years and counting!  While volunteers cut the grass.... 

... and residents slip on the ice trying to reach the Shell gas station parking lot?  


Sad Little Park Benches

If you can find a bench to sit down, they are often old and beat up.

When is a finished job, a finished job?

Why are so many construction jobs in Kanata South apparently finished, but the streetscape is left far worse than when the project started?  Torn up grass, pylons left lying in ditches, random heaps of dirt - not acceptable!

Cheap patch job

There are too many of these cheap asphalt patch jobs being done in our community.  Shameful.  Thanks to the volunteer who sent this one in.

Wrecked trailers sitting for years

The residents who bought houses here were never told "we will be storing a pile of junk behind your house for years".  Why are developers not held accountable under minimum property standards?  

Crumbling curbs aplenty

Thanks again to the folks sending these pictures in... but really, broken curbs are all over Kanata South.  Time for systemic, consultative, collaborative and progressive change!

Site Content

Is it temporary?

Like so many current "repairs" the work never seems to be quite finished.  Will this pole be replaced ... in ten years?

Down to one lane

It's pretty common that major streets end up being one lane during the winter.  It doesn't have to be this way with a bit more planning and community consultation. 


No excuse for this because it's at the entrance to the Kanata Recreation Complex.  We need to empower City employees so that they take the initiative in fixing these types of things.

Potholes Part Two

Lots of folks have probably seen this one in the parking lot of the Kanata Recreation Complex.

Broken pathways

No excuse for this considering the millions of dollars in property taxes being paid.

Overgrown retaining walls

Maybe it's just a small thing, but it bothered a resident enough to send it into me. 



What message is this sending out?  Would this make you want to move to Glen Cairn?

Where do you legally ride your bike on Eagleson?

It's a death trap on the road now that the speed limit has been raised to 80 km/hr, and there is a hard curb to your right (no shoulder).  And if you ride on the sidewalk, not only are you breaking the law, but the sidewalk is narrow and in terrible shape.  Surely we can do better!

Two new automated crosswalks in Bridlewood

It would be nice to say it's a start...

But other well-used paths end at busier roads with no way to cross.

How are priorities determined?  With the wave of a Councillor's hand?

Stickers and small signs

Thanks to the resident who sent this one in.  There are so many "drive-by" stickerings and small random signs stuck on boulevards that it is doubtful anyone is doing anything about them.  So why have the bylaws?                            

Dirt bus stops

Is there any kind of minimum standards for bus stops?  Yes.  But OC Transpo won't make them public.  So many of us live with stops that aren't cleared well in the Winter, are mud in the Spring, and are not accessible for some people the rest of the time.  This needs to change, and your Councillor should have input into that. 


More Dirt Bus Stops

It was pointed out to me by someone that uses a wheelchair that this bus stop has had no concrete pad for 30 years now.  

Speed sign down for many months

A resident sent me this picture of a speed sign lying in the ditch last winter.  It had been there for months.  They contacted 311 many times and our current Councillor - I drove by a few days ago and it is still lying in the ditch.  

Yup... still there

This is unacceptable.

Are they waiting for a complaint?

The system is broken when the only time a road sign is straightened or put back in place is by a complaint from a resident.  City employees should be empowered and encouraged to put things right and solve such obvious situations.

The system is broken...

Something is clearly wrong when thousands of people drive by these giant weeds each week (including many City employees), and this is what is left for visitors to our community to see.  We need to empower our City employees to proactively address such obvious messes.  

Again with the giant weeds

The City designs a beautiful median and they plant nice (small) evergreens on it.  But then everyone walks away and the weeds take over.  This needs to be maintained periodically.  


Is it on City property?

Thousands of people go past this every day.  

Another one...

What is this saying about our community?

A bit of rust...

...turns into missing pieces...

...or it starts leaning precariously into a ravine... or it is...

...going... going... gone!  Thousands of people pass this every day.  We might not notice it, but people and businesses looking to move here probably will.  


Trans Canada Shame!

This is what you see if you are travelling along the TransCanada Trail through Kanata South.  It's been like this for at least a year.  It's an embarrassment.  What does this say about our neighbourhood priorities?   


It's just a small thing, but it's another instance of neglect on probably our busiest street.

So now there is a park with no bench...

Some passerby told me that people were loitering after dark... so the bench was removed?  So now nobody has anywhere to sit down?


Temporarily filling these will only go so far and only last so long.  We can do better...

...more potholes...

It might make sense if these holes were popping up in unexpected places.  But they keep cropping up in the same places over and over.  And the residents call them into 311 over and over.  And the City keeps patching them over and over.  Where is the sense in this?

Why don't they finish the sidewalk?

It doesn't seem like there is any sense in having a 100-200 foot gap in a busy sidewalk so that everyone is walking in mud and dirt.  But maybe someone knows the rest of the story?  And yes... another deep pothole.